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Finding Inspiration In Every Turn

As co-founders and senior officers (Terry & Donna Wise) of Genesis A New Beginning, we have a passion and we believe a mandate to participate in the transformation of individuals and families in the communities we serve in. We have been in the behavioral health field for almost 20 years, and we are seeing the disintegration of individual lives and families at an unprecedented rate. This destruction cannot be corrected by a single provider, instead it will require a collaborative effort of talented and creative organizations along with local county officials to turn this around. It is imperative we partner together in this endeavor to see and experience our communities restored.

We also must add this important component of the process; we believe this effort must be supported and upheld by the prayers of many individuals. I have no reservation to state that Genesis A New Beginning is a faith based organization that is passionate to see lives restored. We are driven by our principles in our Christian faith to provide the highest levels of professional therapy available and to display love and hope for our clients. We as owners along with our senior management team meet weekly to pray over our staff and the client base we serve. When we are asked to explain who Genesis is, we always state we are a faith-based company that is clinically sound. This is the DNA of Genesis A New Beginning that has led us to be one of the leading private providers in the region.

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